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Features of the Anya Resort and Residences :

  • 9 low-rise buildings comprising of 134 luxuriously finished 1, 2 & 3 bedroom homes
  • Located in the most private of locations, by the natural brook, along the Anya streams or overlooking the gardens or Residents’ Pool, whether it’s a view or privacy you desire we have them both.
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Homogeneous & stone tiling
  • Fireplaces
  • Air-conditioning units
  • Signature 4-piece Bathrooms
  • Well- fitted, yet subtle kitchens (Electric Stove w/ oven & Refrigerator)
  • Minimum ceiling heights are 2.8m and frequently more!
  • Wooden ceiling beams
  • Acoustically treated and carefully positioned for optimum privacy and seclusion
  • Oversized balconies, cleverly integrated with the indoor spaces
  • Complete cabinetry & closets
  • Golf cart community
  • Dedicated parking slots for residents
  • Ample guest parking

Obviously, since you will be technically living in a resort, if you live in Anya Residences, you are also entitled to most, if not all, of the perks that the guests also enjoy. If you think that living in a hotel is opulent, then you probably have not experienced living in an actual resort complex.

Even though the mercury in Tagaytay rarely rises to barely hot temperatures, just knowing that there are a couple of swimming pools within walking distance of your home is a comforting thought. There are several pools that you can choose from, like a full-sized lap pool that you can use to practice on your swimming form and work on strengthening your cardiovascular system, and several wading pools where you can take your young children to play in the water.

If you are a fitness buff, there is a long and meandering jogging path weaving through the entire compound. This means you no longer have an excuse not to log in a couple of kilometers every day. If you want other forms of exercise, you can find a fully-equipped gym in the compound. There, you can pump iron and work on building your muscles, join aerobic classes so you can burn off all your excess fat and plenty of machines that you can use to train specific parts of your body.

If, after your workout, you want to relax your tense muscles and ease your mind at the same time, you can head on over to the in-house spa. Here, you can get full-body massage, facial treatments, and other pampering activities. Not only are you living just out of reach of the stresses of the metropolis, you can also partake in different activities that will help further soothe your mind and body.

If you just want to go to a place that is quiet so you can focus on silencing your troubled mind, there are several places in Anya Residences where you can just sit down and collect your thoughts. There are several libraries in the compound where you can sit down, grab a book, and get lost in your literary destinations. You can also find several landscaped gardens with plenty of benches and tables where you can sit down and relax. It is also possible for you to take your family here and have a soothing picnic.

Security is also not an issue in Anya Residences. Aside from having a team of highly-trained security officers constantly patrolling the area, there are also CCTV cameras installed all over the resort and residential areas so there is always someone looking out for anything out of the ordinary. The entire compound is also surrounded by a high, concrete barrier that will deter any would be intruders from even thinking of getting inside uninvited.

Besides these basic amenities, permanent residents can also enjoy the same services and facilities that the resort guests have, like a concierge service, catering services, cleaning services, and a host of other things that make living in Anya Residences worth every centavo.

  • 24-hour Security
  • Gym
  • Function Rooms
  • Garden
  • Swimming Pool
  • Library
  • Spa
  • Garden
  • Library
  • Restaurant
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