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Anya Resort and Residences is Located at Buenavista Hills Road, Tagaytay City, Cavite

The Anya Resorts and Residences lies in the outskirts of Tagaytay City just off the Sta. Rosa Laguna Exit from the South Luzon Expressway. The resort is set in a secluded part of the city where the noises of the highway and the constant influx of tourists and travelers cannot reach you. However, even though the place is secluded, it does not mean that you will be living in the middle of nowhere. Anya Residences is just minutes away from all the conveniences that the Tagaytay City residents also enjoy.

Even if you are on a holiday, you will still get that urge to shop and you’re lucky because Anya Residences is just minutes away from the city’s top shopping centers. If you want to partake of native goods and products, Irohin Market is just a ten minute drive away from the compound. Around the same distance, but at a different direction, you will then reach Tagaytay City Market. If you want an upscale shopping experience, there are several malls in the Tagaytay City proper, like the opulent Ayala Malls Serin, where you can find hundreds of different shops, boutiques, restaurants, and many more.

If you want even more shopping choices, you just need to drive for half an hour or so to the neighboring province of Laguna and you will reach the Nuvali complex in Sta. Rosa City. This is a vast expanse of land that is dedicated mainly for commercial establishments, restaurants, and other recreational centers.

If you are planning on making the Anya Residences your permanent residence, and you have school-age children, you don’t have to worry about their education because there are plenty of great schools in the immediate vicinity. For instance, just a few minutes away from the main gate of Anya Resort and Residences, you will find the City College of Tagaytay and the Olivarez College Tagaytay Campus. A bit further down the road and along the main highway, you will find numerous other schools and learning institutions like STI College Tagaytay, and Bethany Christian Academy of Tagaytay.

The great thing about living permanently in Anya Residences is that you are actually quite near the important public facilities. Hospitals and other medical services are no more than thirty minutes away. In fact, there are already a couple of small-ish clinics within walking distance of the front gate of Anya. Right at the junction of the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road and Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, you will find the Tagaytay Medical Center for when you need serious medical care.

Transportation is also not a problem when you live in Anya Residences. For one thing, the jeepneys, tricycles, and buses that ply the roads in the city operate 24 hours a day, so you can surely get a ride back home whenever you need it. You can actually get around the city and see the sights even if you do not have your own car.

The biggest selling point of living in Anya Resort and Residences is the nice climate that the city enjoys all throughout the year. Tagaytay is never too hot nor too cold. The temperature in the city is always the right amount. Sure, you might need to throw on a jacket some days but most of the time, it will be perfectly cool.


  • Irohin Market - 0.97 km
  • Tagaytay City Market - 1.00 km
  • Decar Trading - 1.15 km


  • Rowenas Cafe - 0.32 km
  • Dimsum n Dumplings Tea Bara - 1.08 km
  • Amoroma - 1.21 km
  • Kaye Ryan Grill - 1.22 km
  • Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant - 1.28 km


  • St Joseph Day Care - 0.64 km
  • Francisco Tolentino Memorial High School - 0.87 km
  • Shim International School - 1.04 km
  • La Madelle Academy - 1.08 km
  • Sister Maria Carmela Bescia - 1.54 km
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